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Benefits of Fillable Forms
March 17, 2015
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Accessibility is a simple concept: products and services are for everybody, regardless of limitations. In the analog age, this meant accommodations like a wheelchair ramp for brick and mortar businesses, or signage written in braille. But what does accessibility mean in today’s digital age of websites, social media and online videos?

Your website’s usability refers to how well it addresses the needs and limitations of all visitors, including how efficiently users are able to navigate the site. Information that is unclear, and web content that is difficult to steer through can be frustrating for everyone.

This means having a layout and design that is easy to get around, and a back-end that seamlessly integrates with the latest in accessibility tech. Ensuring that your online presence works for all individuals visiting your site will not only enhance the user experience, but it will also keep you compliant and out of legal trouble.

Federal laws require that all electronic media used, purchased, developed or maintained by government entities be accessible for all users. Failure to comply could cause problems for you.

For those in the private sector, many believe that government-initiated web accessibility regulations will be established in the near future. It’s always better to be ahead of the curve, then behind the eight ball.

The Axia Group is here to help your agency or company develop, test and implement a user-centered design that makes your information available for all. We are subject matter experts with over fifteen years experience in accessibility and compliance.

Accessibility meets usability. Accessibility has no limits. Accessibility is for everyone.
The Axia Group.