Who We Are

The Axia Group was founded in response to a need to make emerging technologies accessible to all users, regardless of ability. For 20 years, we’ve been helping businesses and government agencies create products and services that work for everyone – all in a cost-effective way.

We’re headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, but our consultants often work remotely or at our client sites. (Some of us enjoy humidity more than others.)

We are trainers, teachers, motivators, and strategic support consultants who love improving the world – one user experience at a time – while having fun in the process.

A seasoned strategist in the world of accessibility and user-centered design

What We Do

Challenging project? No problem. We’ve helped everyone from the White House to fast food chains, and hometown banks to international health organizations solve their accessibility problems and streamline the way they work.

Whether you’re writing requirements or need to fix existing products, we can help. Our strategists turn your most time-consuming, expensive, and costly tasks into a swift, satisfying process that makes your job easier and increases your client base.


What is accessibility?

The concept of accessibility means putting a product or service within reach of as many people as possible. Making products accessible is required by some federal laws, such as the ADA and Section 508. More importantly, however, accessibility is doing the right thing.

Accessibility is a simple concept: Products and services are for everybody, regardless of limitations.


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STEP 1 :

Can everyone use your products? How do you know? Discover potential legal violations in your company or agency and learn how to make your products and services available to all.


After you have an inventory of existing issues, develop a strategy for resolving them. We can help you come up with a plan that works with your budget and schedule.


Making products and services accessible is more than testing. It’s a product of requirements and design. Get ahead by incorporating accessibility into the early stages of product development.


Mitigate risks and prevent future problems by revising the old way of doing things. Learn how to improve existing business processes to meet new standards of quality.










Why It Matters

Accessibility has many benefits. Organizations that implement universal design have more customers and less legal risk. Incorporating accessibility best practices is recommended because:

...it improves usability for all visitors.

...it’s the most cost-effective way.

...it reduces the need for helpdesk and customer support services.

...it improves your SEO (search engine optimization).

...government regulations for digital accessibility are enforced.

...it’s the right thing to do.