Did you know...

…that ADA requirements extend to websites, videos, documents, and mobile apps? In the last ten years or so, many lawsuits have been filed against (and lost by) companies who don’t make their content available to all users.

Where WE Come In

Businesses who implement accessible design have increased customer bases, more efficient content management, and reduced chances of litigation from user groups with disabilities. Incorporating accessibility best practices into your product’s design is recommended because:

It doesn’t change the visual experience for anyone else.
Accessible content has better cross-browser compatibility and faster download times.
It increases your client base. (It is estimated that the disabled population in the United States makes up approximately $1 trillion in disposable income.)
It improves how non-disabled users interact with your applications.

It’s the most cost-effective way.
Web accessibility requirements are enforced for private businesses.
It’s the right thing to do.