Designing Accessibile SharePoint Workspaces

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May 19, 2015
Incorporating Accessibility into the SDLC
June 2, 2015

Accessible technology enables all users to interact with computers and applications in different ways to meet their visual, speech, hearing, dexterity, and cognitive needs. Accessible technology includes features, options, and utilities that are built into the operating system, as well as third-party hardware and software add-ons that can also be referred to as assistive technology. Microsoft SharePoint is a SharePoint incorporates features that make it possible to provide access to users with disabilities, as well as providing developer resources that can help developers design and build apps and websites that support key accessibility scenarios.

SharePoint supports the accessibility features of common web browsers to enable you to access and manage SharePoint sites. Web browsers provide support for keyboard interactions so that disabled users who don’t use a mouse can have the option to use a keyboard to navigate the site and perform the necessary actions.

Users who have any sort of site administrator responsibilities typically use the SharePoint Central Administration site to manage their deployments. A mouse and keyboard are typically used as devices that users utilize to interact with Central Administration. Users who have devices that support touch can use gestures to complete operations with SharePoint to provide true accessibility to people of all backgrounds.

SharePoint allows designers to design and build apps and solutions so that you can implement a markup and code to support key accessibility scenarios, like keyboard accessibility, proper text contrast, and screen reading. Putting this as a top priority any type of user to be able to experience the content on your site or app, whether they are viewing, listening, or navigating through.

If you’re building solutions and apps for SharePoint in the Visual Studio, you may become aware that Visual Studio provides default shortcut key combinations to help you navigate and code within the IDE.

Sometimes, the several types of web browsers can be difficult to address and the accessibility options are not always supported across all platforms, and it’s no surprise that this can cause some serious headaches for developers. SharePoint administrators and users depend on the accessibility features that web browsers provide. SharePoint supports the accessibility features of typical browsers.

Not only is accessibility a vital part of building your site or app, it is law. Everyone needs to be able to see the content on your site and providing usability for everyone has become much easier than it has been in the past. Creating content that is easily translated for people with disabilities is no different than creating content for people who require no assistance. Providing this content for all people can only help your business by helping you grow and progress in the business world.